Architecture and gardens enrich our lives physically and emotionally. Moreover, living or working in a well-designed environment can change the way we think and feel. Architecture inspires us, uplifts us, and can promote its occupants’ wellbeing and health. At PDA we try to achieve those objectives and design buildings to match your personal requirements and taste rather than imposing a predetermined practice style on the outcome.

PDA’s Expertise includes the design of

  • Beautiful homes and gardens.
  • Fun, functional and timeless architecture.
  • Quality residential buildings: Houses, townhouses & terrace houses,
  • Light commercial developments including retail and hospitality.
  • Ecologically sensitive architecture & sustainability consultancy.
  • Full architectural design services are available. Refer “PROCESS +”

Garden Design

We offer complete garden design services. Our designers are expert in the design of hard and soft landscaping – whether that be functional, straightforward and simple planting, or complex designs with water, multiple levels, textures, fragrances, materials, colours and lighting.

PDA’s Expertise includes the design of

  • Outdoor kitchens and fireplaces.
  • Swimming pools.
  • Rural landscapes for aesthetics and farming.
  • Seasonal and sensual designs.
  • Documentation for Resource Consents & Building Consents.

Integrated Design

Being both architects and landscape architects enables PDA to provide a totally integrated service for architecture, gardens and landscape design.  Our office also specialises in the design of garden architecture – buildings and structures that are substantively part of the garden and landscape:

PDA’s Expertise includes the design of

  • Swimming pools and water features.
  • Decks and paved terraces.
  • Pavilions & gazebos.
  • Pool houses.
  • Pergolas, verandas & loggias.
  • Roof gardens and decks.
  • Garden wall & retaining walls.
  • Fences and gates.

Landscape, Subdivision Design, and Visual Assessment

Being both architects and landscape architects enables us to provide a seamless and integrated service for architecture and landscape. As landscape architects and architects we have the design training to best locate building platforms on your site while understanding the implications that this may have on the design of the buildings.

We offer landscape design services.  Our designers are experienced in site master planning, subdivision design, and visual assessment.   We can either lead or advise your specialist team and assist you through all aspects of the subdivision process.

PDA’s Expertise includes

  • Subdivision design and master planning.
  • Visual Assessment.
  • Documentation for Resource Consents & presentations in hearings.
  • Design expertise and creative solutions to subdivision.
  • Site analysis in terms of hydrology, aspect, existing planting and artifacts.
  • Analysis of your property in terms of the potential of yield/density (potential lots).

Sustainability Design

Peter (PDA) taught the course “Design for Sustainability” at the University of Auckland and his ideas related to sustainability and environmental architecture have been internationally published. Peter has won a number of local and international design competitions for environmental architecture including the Carter Holt Harvey National Environmental Design Award.  We are members of the Green Building Council and PrefabNZ

If you require an environmentally building PDA has expertise in the design of

  • Healthy, comfortable and durable homes.
  • Buildings sensitively integrated with the surrounding landscape.
  • Low-energy architecture and off-grid solutions.
  • Sustainability consultancy.

Graphic Design

All of our designers are skilled at drawing either by hand or computer-assisted and well versed in Adobe Photoshop.  Peter’s work is on sale at the local café in Whitford. If you require supporting graphics for your project we may be able to provide assistance:

PDA’s Expertise includes

  • Signage and logo design for your building/business
  • Brochure design, business card design
  • Supporting graphics and advertising posters